Tuesday, November 18, 2014

hello kaklongpennstate

*tiup2* fuhhh. that was almost a year since my last update.

cliche gila ayat atas ni. update setahun sekali and will use the similar points.  haha tolonglah rasa nak tarik tinge :p 

well, life has been pretty rolleyy-costeyyy for quite sometime . *excuse my english* 

now in my final year, graduating in few months, in this incredible major of actuarial science which i find myself pretty amused with my achievements so far, of course ini semua kerjaa Dia,
the One who never gives up on me, and on all of His infinitely lotzzz creations, amazing kan Dia? *takbeer!* 

this is for you, 
yes, you.

i must admit the pressure from my studies is hitting me hard, esp when my aim now is to grad with dean's list cgpa. and plus that extra burden i bought with the initial price of $225 , registering for the professional paper which i hope i ll pass with His will. 32 days till then . kalau lepas, probability nak kawin lagi senangg. kalauu leaps jugak, probability nak amik next paper pun lagi tinggi. itulah fitrahhhhhhhh. seorang manusia, she wants more. never gets enough. why syarifah. why. 

hello you, 
the apple of my pie,  
the strawberry to my shortcake,
the laces to my shoe,
bertahanlah ok, 
demi Dia.

probably He is giving us this pretty extra long time so that we ll equip ourselves more to embrace the next phase? who knows we ll be bearer of the next generation of khalifatullah? :)

target juz amma ! 


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